The Importance of Making Memories Happen

My five-year-old girl, Sweet Pea, skips across the grass while her brother sails past on his bike with one flat tire. Around and around the park heads bob and smiles erupt. I glance around every once in awhile to see where they have scampered.

They enjoy the freedom to practice their childhood games. I enjoy the adult conversation.

Tears flow when we have to leave. As an afternoon of playing with her cousin at the lake etches into her heart, Sweet Pea shouts,

I’ll never forget this!

I never want to forget her response to the simple delight.

Since I like to stay home, it’s easy for me to forget how important it is to get out and explore. How important it is to create moments my children will remember. How important it is to simply be with my kids and enjoy them instead of pushing and pushing.

Yes, we need to do lessons. But what kind of mother-teacher am I? Tired, worn out, and grumpy?

Homeschooling is not just for my children. It is for me, too. It is an opportunity for me to discover the depths of my motivation. It is an opportunity to learn from the precious ones in my care.

The pressure is real. There is a weight of responsibility, but can I put the worry aside? Can I enjoy the moments so I never forget?

Pounding out words helps me remember, but capturing a memory is not the same as creating it.

An important part of my responsibility is to make memories happen for them, for us, for future generations.

What are your children remembering?

(Photos are from a Father’s Day hike in the Snake River Canyon. I neglected to take my camera to the lake.)

14 Responses to The Importance of Making Memories Happen

  1. There is a balance between work and play that we must acheive in order to maximize our short time as mothers. With a 12 year old in the house, I am feeling the urgency to make as many memories as I possibly can without tipping the balance.
    .-= Jenn4him´s last blog ..Education Spoils the Mind =-.

    • Jenn4him,
      My oldest is twelve, too, so I understand.

      It is a balance, but memories don’t always have to come from big expeditions. For instance, I know my kids will remember our reading time every night.

      There is such a long list in my head of all the things I want to do with my children. If I don’t make some of them start happening, the time will be gone…

  2. So true!! Yesterday I took the kids to the park for a homeschoolers nature walk. What I really wanted to do is stay home and have a nap. We’ve been home a lot lately because I was waiting to have my baby and now I have a newborn and it’s just easier to stay home. However my older children especially still need some variety.
    We had a lovely afternoon and I was blessed to sit and chat with a friend.
    Thanks for the reminder!
    .-= Sandpiper´s last blog ..A Birth Story =-.

  3. I, too, am guilty of staying home more often simply because I don’t like to go anywhere and LIKE my home. I needed this reminder to get the kids out of the house and make some memories.


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